What if you need to hack an Instagram account for a certain permissible reason? Would you hire an Instagram hacker and pay a heavy fee? Not a good idea!

On the other hand, you can Google countless websites boasting about the provision of free or paid online/offline tools to hack Instagram accounts. This apparently easy process might drag you into the filling of survey forms, downloading their app, or doing some irrelevant and time-killing process. The trickiest part of this activity is exposing your system to any malicious malware.

Our website answers your basic question, “how to hack Instagram id?” whether it belongs to you or anyone else. Through our most secured Instagram hacking tool, you could now hack any account in a snap and you won’t have to spend a penny, complete a survey, or download any software.

Why Hack Instagram Account?

There are many reasons for using an Instagram hacker. Let’s discuss some of the major ones that often lead users to our intuitive tool.

  • Lost or forgot password: We use lots of apps, software, and online tools nowadays, and everywhere we need passwords to log in. It’s a fact as well that we use multiple devices i.e., home/office laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc., and keep changing them. You may have lost your Instagram password due to the same reason and need to hack your own Instagram account.
  • Retrieval of dormant account: Again, it’s very common that people keep creating new social media accounts including Instagram. If you want to retrieve your dormant account, you’ll need to hack into it.
  • Recovering hacked account: Although the majority of people use hacking tools under permissible conditions, still cyber goons are out there with their malicious approach. If you’re also a victim of these culprits, you’d need to recover your stolen password.
  • Keeping an eye on growing children’s activities: Social media is a great source of connecting people worldwide. The docile minds of growing children, however, could easily be corrupted by spiteful people over social media including Instagram. Being responsible parents, you should surveil your kids' activities. To do that, you’d require to hack their Instagram accounts.
  • Playing pranks: Pranks are played for fun not to hurt someone’s emotions. If you hack the Instagram account of someone so closed, you’re sure they wouldn’t mind it, go for fun. We don’t recommend crossing the boundaries and offending someone’s feelings.

Why TheIgHacker is Better Than Other Instagram Password Hacker Tool

TheIgHacker is the most intuitive online tool for hacking Instagram accounts. Learn how:

  • It’s user-friendly: No skills are required at all to hack any Instagram account through our hacking tool. You’re an Internet surfer, that’s enough. Our tool is the simplest and extremely user-friendly solution with instant results.
  • No cost applied: You can hack as many Instagram accounts as you wish and you don’t have to pay anything for it. Our exceptional tool is entirely free of cost.
  • Guaranteed system security: It’s a pity that you were trying to get into an Instagram account and your computer itself fell victim to the malware. It happens with lots of people all the time. Use our tested highly encrypted tool for hacking and no malware would ever attack your system.
  • No downloads required:You won’t have to download and install any sort of file or app to accomplish your task. Just click on our hacking tool and get your password the very next moment.
  • No surveys: It’s a bitter reality that most of the free Instagram hacking websites will ask you to complete annoying surveys before performing your task. We value our visitors’ precious time; therefore, no surveys are conducted on our website.


As the number of Instagram users is growing exponentially, the task of hacking Instagram is becoming complicated with time. However, with TheIgHacker, you can hack Instagram accounts anytime without download software. Just enter the username and crack passwords.